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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Page 79 - Photocamp Utah 2010

I spoke on a panel at Photocamp Utah 2010 today on storytelling in a photograph. It was a first for me and I have to admit I felt out of place sitting next to the 3 other photographers that had years of experience on me. They were photojournalists and event photographers so that made me feel even more out of place!

I really enjoyed it though and it was good for me to break out of my comfort zone and teach.

What really helped was all my photographer friends in the audience that came just to support me. Thank you all for making me feel the love.

My favorite face in the audience was front and center.

My son. He was so proud of mommy.


Mikie said...

Really enjoyed listening to you at the story telling panel! It was perfect-- you have natural talent. Thanks for participating and sharing with us!

Melissa Papaj Photography said...

You are awesome Suzanne!

Jennifer Mendoza said...

Wish I could have been there. Love the picture of your son front and center - that just warms my heart.

Anonymous said...

You did great - even if some of your friends threatened to make funny faces at you. :-)