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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

100% NO SEW Leggings

In case my other leggings I made weren't easy enough for you, I have a no-sew method I use as well for all you who can't sew a stitch! These are ones I made for my daughters to wear but you can use the same directions for adult sizes as well. It just depends on the width of the sleeve on the sweater.

1) I found this sweater that had the cool pattern on the sleeves. As you can see the sleeves are thin so it's the perfect size for a child. For an adult you would want to look for wider sleeves.

2) Determine how long you want them to be and cut straight across.

3) Take the Fray check and go all along the bottom cut edge and let dry.

That is it! You can make them in less than 5 minutes. Here they are on my daughter. She wore them to school today with her favorite pink Ugg boots. She insisted.


Jane said...

There's another brand of liquid better than Fray Check that I've used. It doesn't get hard like Fray Check but works just as well. I'll try to find the brand name for you.

PandaMom said...

Darling! ; )

Jennifer Mendoza said...

Oh my goodness . . so CUTE!!

Danette He said...

Another creative idea! They are so pretty and lady like. I also like the ones you wore in your family photos.