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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Page 44 - New Beginnings

Every day is filled with new beginnings, some are just harder to find.

Today I found out my sweet sister in law was pregnant, then immediately was told that she was showing signs of miscarrying.

My heart hurt, I have not felt so helpless in so long. There was nothing I could do but pray that she and the baby would be alright.

She lost the baby.

My Abby found a tree pod with seeds in it. She proceeded to take the tiny seeds and plant them in the ground and I just watched. As she carefully dug tiny holes and placed each seed inside, it was symbolic to me of this day and how life is full of new beginnings and gave me hope for a new life. I love you Annie, you are stronger than I could ever be and will be an amazing mother someday, I believe that with all my heart.

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Cascio Photography said...

I can't imagine how she must be feeling. she is lucky to have family around her that loves her as much as you do.