I used the idea of a book for my header since this challenge is going to be a journal of my life over the years.
I hope you enjoy viewing these pages of my life as they unfold. I know I will...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Page 39 - A Picture (or two) A Day

I've been thinking so much about this 365 challenge and how it has changed my life.

Really. It's changed my life.

No longer is life ordinary, dull, and the same ol' thing. I wake up each day with eyes that look for the extraordinary that happens more often than I realized before. A look, a touch, a sweet little game. Each moment is something to take and remember forever. I think this is why I struggle so much picking just one picture a day.

This morning my Lu was playing with her baby doll and took off his jammies. She then proceeded to try and put the pants on herself. I walked by and she said, "Look mommy, I a baby."

"Louisa, are those your toes?"

"No, they bubblegum." :)

This 365 challenge is the best thing for me and my life right now. It's a way of counting my blessings one at a time. What a difference a picture a day makes.


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Oh SO cute!

Renée said...

I thank you so much for inspiring me to do this with you. I have enjoyed it as well. Capturing those simple precious moments that otherwise I may have let pass by. Beautiful shot.