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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Rings

I never got pictures of my wedding ring when I got married. I've always thought about doing a ring shot of mine and my husband's rings.

We got married in December and my colors were white and silver with a wintry theme.

I wanted to incorporate all these things in my shot. I'm going to take down my Christmas tree soon now that my ankle is getting better so I knew this would be my only chance. The ornament in this picture is one of many we had as part of the centerpieces and use them every year on our tree.

There is a story behind my diamond. Ryan asked what cut I wanted. I love the square shape of the princess cut diamond, but I love the straight lines of the emerald cut. The only thing I could think of was for him to get a square emerald cut. He surprised me and did better.

He did some research and found an "Asscher Cut" which was created specifically for the the Royalty of Europe and the crown jewels. It's sort of rare since you can't find it just anywhere. Ryan had to get mine in New York. It may be more common now, but over 8 years ago when he purposed, not many people knew about it. Ryan was so sweet though and knew he had to find the perfect one for me. It was better than I hoped.


Denise said...

That is So Funny that you took these. I was going to do the exact same thing this week for my family blog with our Engagement story :) Our Photog didn't do ring shots when we got married :(

Gorgeous Shots! I love the last one.

Jeremy said...

Great story & pics to go with it. As for your comment on my 365, whatever. You make the most creative shots that inspire me to get my butt out there and try to aspire to making images at that level. One of these days I might even achieve that goal!

Jennifer Mendoza said...

Gorgeous Suzanne! I love this.

jack september said...

Great,. its gorgeous. I think you are very lucky. If you are interested to find more like this then look at wedding rings.

Chillygator said...

I was looking at your blog on my iPad while we were watching the CES fireside last night and my friend who was sitting next to me said, "Is that for a post card? Because if I took a picture that looked that good, I would make it in to a million post cards and send it to everyone I know."