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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Tissues have become part of the decor of the house the last couple of days with both girls sick with colds.

I recently had a fellow 365er ask me, "How much time do you spend a day getting your shots?"

The answer is different and depends on if I plan ahead for my picture or just try to get something fast so it's done and over with.

Most days, are like today. I'm crazy busy, It's getting late, and I have to do something for my picture. I look around, see if something catches my eye (preferably something that has to do with my day), and grab my camera.

Today, I saw lots of boxes of tissues sitting around so I lined them up and took the picture how I first imagined it and got this:

Then I just turned my camera at an angle to get this:

Then, I looked at it from different angles, got in really close and got this:

Took me all of about 5 minutes and got 3 different looks of the same thing. Then I upload them, pick my fav, edit and post it. That's all I do.


Jeremy said...

That sounds a lot like my efforts so far. I'd like to sneak in more creative shoots periodically, but just the motivation to actually look around me more for interesting things to photo has been a good exercise so far. They may not always be all that interesting, but the exercise is more for my benefit than anything else :)

Glad I'm doing things somewhat like the master; then I know I can hope to reach her level some day! Maybe even get a shooting star...

PandaMom said...

So sorry for your little ones.....and you, mom! Love the tissue boxes. Crazy how ANYthing can become the focus of a pic, right?! I have had so many friends and family poke fun at me for taking pics of goofy things and then once they see the pic from a funky angle....they like it! ; )

Tiffany Reed Photography said...

I love being on the day to day journey with you. You have a magic way of taking your ordinary day and inviting people to step into life with you. I love that about your blog!

Flash Jorgensen said...

You are certainly the master. Not many can say they stuck it out the whole year through! Sorry about your sickies! Get them and your stinkin ankle better so we can play!

Jennifer Mendoza said...

Only you could make a box of tissues look this good! I hope everyone feels better soon.