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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Starting With a Bang

I had every intention of starting off this year with a BANG.

I even planned this picture for my first picture of the year yesterday but I overdid it and had to get back on the couch with my ankle burning with pain.

I had this picture in my head of this popper in my daughter's little hands, with the confetti exploding out of it.

It didn't turn out like I planned. Not much this year has so far. Like this first picture I took - I was so excited for the new year just like my girls were so excited to pull the string on their popper.

Then I took picture after picture and never could get the image I wanted. I got a few sparks,

but in the end every shot was just a dud with a bunch of smoke.

So symbolic of my year so far and it's only 2 days in. I'm usually not so negative but today I'm just feeling it may be a New Year, but it's all just the same ol' crap.

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Jules said...

Don't despair!!! It can only get better, right? I started the new year with a HUGE toothache and almost a root canal... but was able to get it fixed with a filling and some good pain meds! :) Let's have another girl's weekend and make the new year Fabulous!!! Love you sis!