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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Talk Like Baby Brody

No, I'm not better at all, but my little one is the first to show signs of being better. She has been up and about today and is acting like her normal self.

I did take a picture of the day, but I wanted to also post a video for today. It's a little long but it's so funny to watch. Lu was sitting on the couch with me and said, "Mommy, this is my Baby Brody Song." (Brody is her baby cousin)

I think she was enjoying her raspy voice because she was really rocking out! She has never made up a song like this before. She is always singing songs she already knows so I had to run and grab my camera so I could video the last of the song. In case you can't make out the words, they are
"Talk like Baby Brody
Talk Like Baby Brody
Ya got to-oooooooooooo"


Flash Jorgensen said...

OH MY GOODNESS, Lu is Awesome! I love the tune and how intense she sings it! She's a total rock star! :) I played it and all my kids surrounded me and giggled listening to it. It's awesome!

Ritchie's Beautiful Life said...

HOW did you record this and stay so quiet? I was laughing so hard and so loud that I had tears. Thank you so much for the laughter today. I so needed that Suz! Little cutie Lu! I miss you guys!

Tiffany Reed Photography said...

Oh gosh Suzanne! You have a musician on your hands!!!! I LOVED that video!!!! Thanks for sharing that! I absolutely am in love with that little smile she gave you right at the end!!!