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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tying A Bow

This afternoon was a mad dash to get ready for church since we were extremely late so when Abby asked me to teach her how to tie a bow on her dress, I told her there was no time.

Luckily she has an amazingly patient teacher at church who taught her and Abby came home and showed me all the while beaming with pride.

Oh another missed opportunity to teach my child and another regret. Thank you Andrea for being a better mother to my daughter today than I could be.


Jules said...

Same for me... I never took the time to teach Hannah how to braid & this darling, patient woman taught her in Nauvoo in about 3 minutes. I think I could have spared 3 minutes!! Guilt!!!

Jeremy said...

There have been so many times I have realized later that I missed these important moments because I had my priorities off, usually because of "no time." I'm trying to do better.

Christy said...

Parenting is the hardest job in the universe!! I think that if our kids know we love them, and we are doing our best, there are things that can go undone and it is ok. =) Don't sweat the small stuff! =)