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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Greenhouse Statues

I have been really slacking with my 365. I never feel like taking a picture so I just do whatever and my pics have become blah or non-existent because of it. Today we went for our Sunday drive up in the Avenues of Salt Lake and I brought my camera hoping to just have fun taking pictures again. I did, so much that I am posting lots of pictures. It's my 365 challenge, I can post more than one if I want, especially when I've had a couple blank days lately!

I love greenhouses. I wish I had one.
These next ones were taken of a monument at our state capitol.

Next is a tombstone my husband found in the Salt Lake Cemetery on his morning jog. He saw it and knew I would love it so he took a picture and texted it to me. He was right, I loved it and wanted to photograph it myself in hopes to do it justice.

In all the tombstones and statues I've seen I have never seen one with so many emotions captured. I feel calming peace, sadness, and longing all at once and it brings tears to my eyes. I can feel the beautiful love this man had for his wife.

As we left the cemetery I was joking with my husband and told him I want a huge camera for my statue on my tombstone with a real viewfinder on it so everyone can see the world the way I do :)


Jennifer Mendoza said...

Gorgeous! I'm so glad you got to have fun shooting again :-)

Christy said...

We already see the world the way you do, right here. =) But a camera gravestone would be unique. =) These pictures are wonderful!