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Monday, July 18, 2011

Baking Queen

My husband and kids have nicknamed me the "Baking Queen" and even sing a song to the tune of "Dancing Queen" using Baking Queen instead. They love it when I make cookies, banana bread, or pretty much any dessert.

Today I spent the day baking all the goodies for Lu's birthday party tomorrow. I made 3 giant doughnuts, 50 cupcakes, and 2 giant gummy bears. All this and I didn't take a bite or even lick my finger to taste since I am on a diet. Yep, I got some mad will power!!

One of the giant doughnuts. Yum (I think since I didn't actually taste it!).

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Jules said...

You rock! On the baking & the not tasting!!! Wow! Better than me right now!