I used the idea of a book for my header since this challenge is going to be a journal of my life over the years.
I hope you enjoy viewing these pages of my life as they unfold. I know I will...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let The Projects Begin

I recently turned my dining room into a play room (I'll take pics another day). Since I have two tables and no where to put them both, I sold the one in my kitchen and am now painting my dining room table and 12 chairs so it can go in the kitchen. I did the table yesterday and today is the chairs. What have I gotten myself into!!!!



Renée said...

I wished I knew you were going to sell the other one. I probably would have bought it. I desperately need a new one.

Jules said...

You are the paint master... you kill me with all the projects you take on! Go girl! Can't wait to see the finished pics!