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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful Day 13

Today I am thankful for people who have great ideas that I can take advantage of! I love those cute leggings everyone wears with tall boots. I recently saw that you can make them out of old sweaters so here is what I did.

I went to Deseret Industries (you can go to any thrift store) and bought several sweaters with lots of fun textures and patterns. They were $4 a piece.

If the sleeves were big enough I just cut those off to use for the leggings or used the body part of the sweater. Here is a step-by-step of my favorite pair I made:

1) I fell in love with the buttons and cute ruffles of this sweater so I cut out the pieces I needed. You can see from the mat I cut it on about how wide and long I made them.

2) I placed both front and back next to each other with right sides up and slightly overlapped them and then sewed a straight line down the edge (see photo).

3) Then I put the other two sides together with the right sides facing IN (or facing each other) and sewed along the edge.

4) Then I just removed three buttons from the one legging and sewed them over the button holes on the other legging. To finish off the raw edges on the bottom I just cut them to be even and then put "Fray Check" (it's a type of fabric glue that keeps raw edges from fraying which can be purchased at any fabric store) around all the bottom edges.

Done! It's seriously that easy and oh so cute! Still not easy enough for you though? I also have a 100% no sew method I did on some for my girls that I will post another day.

I even made some for me and my daughter out of a navy blue striped sweater to go with our family pics.

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