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Saturday, October 8, 2011

France Trip Summary

Since my 365 goes in order, you'll be seeing my trip from finish to start so I just wanted to say a few things first.

I tried, REALLY tried to only post a couple of pictures a day but most days it was too hard so I hope you don't mind I strayed waaaaay off one picture a day. I did take almost 2,000 pictures so the fact I narrowed it as much as I did is pretty good!

Lessons Learned
1. Get some of the Euro before you go. France has toll roads everywhere so we hit a couple on our way to the bank to get cash. That was NOT fun at all! The tolls are very expensive too so if you are driving the country like us, budget a huge chunk of change for that. We spent at least 300 on them.

2. I enjoyed the rest of France better than Paris. To me it was just a big, crowded city even though it was beautiful. So if you've just been to Paris, you haven't seen the best of France so go again and do it right!

3. The shopping may be great in France, but it's so incredibly expensive I'd rather just shop here in Utah thank you.

4. Most hotels in France have two twin beds. I don't need to elaborate ;)

5. Just because your husband has a converter for their outlets over there doesn't mean your hair dryer and flat iron work with it. Make sure you get one that will! I went the entire trip without being able to do my hair unless I got lucky and the hotel had a hair dryer that sorta doesn't work on my frizzy, curly hair. Yuck.

6. Even if you think you've taken enough pictures, you haven't so take more.

7.Yes, France has lots of amazing chocolate pastries but they are all DARK chocolate. This was a rude awakening for me, who loves milk chocolate and can't stand the dark stuff unless it's with mint. I was so excited to eat all the pastries and gave up after the first couple days. Even the chocolate flavored ice cream is really coffee flavored.

8. Last and hardest part of all for me, the food is very different there! Not all restaurants have menus in English or servers that speak English so it was difficult for me to find things I could eat that would sit well in my sensitive stomach. I got lucky most of the time and ended up eating a LOT of Mixte sandwiches which is a baguette with ham and cheese. I even broke down and ate at McDonalds twice since I knew what a Big Mac was!! Oh, and Starbucks in France has the most amazingly yummy doonies (doughnuts) I've ever tasted. Wish they had them in the ones here in America. Oh well, that is probably better for my waste line since I ate 2-3 a day in Paris!

Well, hope you enjoy seeing a few pics of my trip. I enjoyed taking them. One more thing to come is a photo project I did while there. Everywhere I went, I took pictures of doors. France has the most amazing doors and no two are identical. I'm going to make a collage of them and make it a canvas for my wall. Should turn out great! I'm going to make a book of them too if I have enough.


Jeremy said...

What an amazing trip! I'm jealous and feel like such an amateur on the photos I made of our big trip this year. Looks like you and Ryan had a well deserved wonderful time.

Kelly said...

I feel like I was in France with you. Thank you for sharing those amazing photos! I know how much you have looked forward to this trip. I hope it was as wonderful as you had dreamed. Sure looks like it. And are you sure you are pregnant?

Love you!