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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pictures 0

Why take a picture of Lightroom on my computer screen? It's not interesting, it's not visually exciting, so why?? Let me tell you :)

In the 2 years I've been doing photography, my Lightroom "Pictures" folder has NEVER read 0 (Zero). Never. Not once. I've always been too busy or too tired and those old pictures could always wait. I had photos all the way back to last Easter.

I finally did it. I set a goal to get completely caught up and today, I did it. I started the weekend with about 50 folders of pictures to go through and edit and I just finished. My picture folder says ZERO!!!!!! My what a feeling. I now resolve to never get that behind again. I think ;)


Chillygator said...

And then you loaded the picture and the cycle started again? (o:

With all the shoots you do, that is VERY impressive! Way to go!

Tiffany Reed Photography said...

GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!

Malisa said...

What an accomplishment! I'll have to ask you what being caught up on anything feels like. :)