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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Here they are, my kids' school Valentines for this year. My friend, Steph Jorgensen found the idea online and together we came up with our version of this cute valentine for our kids to give their classmates. Thanks Steph! I'm sure she will be posting her's soon.

My kids have their parties on Friday instead on Monday, the actual day (LAME!!) so I had to get mine done sooner. I'm sure her's will be cuter anyway so maybe it's better I posted mine first!!

It says, "The Best Kind of Crush is the Kind You Drink."
I wanted it to say,
"The only kind of Crush my daddy says I'm allowed to have is the kind you drink,"
but that's a bit too long!!

Super cute and fun huh? Not very expensive either. They didn't quite turn out as cute as I had first thought but I still like them anyway.

PS - Thanks Brittany for the chalk on the wall idea from your engagement shoot. Yes, I brought soap and water and cleaned it all up before I left.


Renée said...

You never cease to amaze me with your ideas. Way cute.

Ritchie's Beautiful Life said...

Adorable Suz! Love them!

Jennifer Mendoza said...

I LOVE these!!