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I hope you enjoy viewing these pages of my life as they unfold. I know I will...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Page 323 - Tree Farm

One of the amazing places I missed on the drive up was this 35,000 acre tree farm. We purposely stopped at the nearest town to spend the night just so I could get pictures here. Otherwise we would have passed it in darkness. I don't regret it at all. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Trees for miles and miles all in pretty rows. Wow. I want to go back next fall when all the leaves are turning colors and do our family pictures there. Anyone else in for the road trip?

Yes, my hubby is a dork but he's MY dork :)

Ryan took some of me too. He did good didn't he?

Last but not least, my newest Twilight edit. I just did me some huntin'. Can you tell I'm a fan???


Chillygator said...

I want to be on your list of road trip partners! (o:

I'll order the Cadbury Eggs!

Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

I just spent an hour I should have been working reading your blog for the first time from August forward. It was nice to get to 'know' you! I think our random photographer connection is from my friend Tara Winsor who you did some family pictures for. I had a brief start to my 365 project and your blog has definitely re-inspired me. I started taking images last week again.

angie b said...

Like Shannon said, you've inspired me to start taking photos for myself. Now to find time ;)

We have gone to Oregon several times the past couple years and I swear we've driven past this everytime! It goes on and on forever. While I was in awe of the trees/pattern etc never envisioned such an incredible outcome.
Hope you hang these somewhere.
You inspire me to be better, thank you.

Sam and Tara said...

SUZANNE!! I LOVE that tree farm!! I would SO go on a road trip next year!! I might be going up in September, but it might be kind of early still..
LOVE the pictures in it! You guys are so cute! And especially love your twilight edit!

Jeremy said...

Stunning location. I've been thinking a lot lately about some photowalking-esque road trips. Oregon coast would be an excellent destination!

Zinone said...

Awesome!!! You look so beautiful!

Weston and Nicole said...

Suzanne, you are GORGEOUS!!! You need to model for real. Love that pic...you'd fit right in with all the characters of Twilight, especially with that look on your face.

Jess said...

I'm stuck reading your blog. I'm tired but don't want to lay down just want to look.
I want to do this drive those trees are amazing.

You really are inspiring.