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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Page 311 - No Regrets

Remember how yesterday I said that the first day with good weather I would shoot at that spot that is being torn down?

I woke up this morning expecting snow since that is what the forcast called for and saw blue skies with fluffy, white clouds so I made a quick decision and raced into action.

I did my girls' hair, got them dressed in their new Thanksgiving clothes I bought them from Matilda Jane, and left the house. I then drove to my son's school and checked him out, yes, I checked him out of school for pictures!! We ran to Kohl's and bought him some new shirts to match the girl's and then Abby whacked her head on the door of the car which meant an instant cut on her forehead but that could be edited out.

We went to the location and it was freezing so we had to spend hours there taking many breaks to warm up in the car. In the end, I finally got the amazing pictures of all three of my kids together that up until now I've only dreamed of having. It was the perfect ending to the perfect location.

My friend Steph also brought her kids to get pictures too and realized our kids all coordinated since Steph and I have the same taste in clothes so I got one of her daughter Sky and Abby since they too are best friends.

Today, I am just thankful for photography and the ability to capture moments I'll have for a lifetime.


Les said...

These are gorgeous, your kids are so lucky that you have such an amazing talent! They'll treasure all these when they're older and married!

andreaKphotography said...

Love! Super cute with the hats :) Did Steph get a hat? How did you have 2? So glad you got to shoot there miss. Can't wait to see more!

Renée said...

Awesome Job!! Love them and your adorable kids. So glad you could get your vision:)

Kim Barton said...

You are so amazingly talented; awesome images! I love the one of your 3 kids!