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Saturday, September 17, 2011


I wanted to get me a cute camera bag that did not look like a camera bag for my France trip. Pickpocketing is bad enough there from what I hear without having "Expensive camera gear in this bag." written all over it. I looked at all the ones I could find and then fell in love with the company, Epiphanie. Their bags are so cute and stylish and I had to have one! The one I really wanted, the yellow Lyric, was currently sold out so I got my second choice, the teal Lola. It just came in the mail and I am in love! So excited to take this on my trip. I'll let you know how it holds up and how much fits in it :)

I opened the box and saw this bag it came in. Wow, fancy shmancy!

I think I squealed as I opened it and saw this cute bling attached to it!

Comes with a shoulder strap :)

Lovely lime green inside.

Did I mention I'm in love with a bag? Still buying the yellow lyric as soon as I get home from my trip!!

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Ezza said...

suzanne, I think that bag is fantastic!!! I'm upset I have already bought my camera bag because I would definately have bought one of these! They are soooo nice!!!! Hope you enjoy using it.