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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

$100 Bottle of Tylenol

Didn't exactly want to spend my evening this way. The girls were playing upstairs and Ryan discovered that Lu had drank part of a bottle of Tylenol. She climbed up the shelving in the hall closet to get it and heaven knows how she got the top off.

We instantly took her to the E.R. It was horrible. We had to wait forever so they could do a blood test and then the part where they had to draw her blood, I can't think about. Seriously the hardest thing to do is sit and watch 3 nurses hold down your child and stick a needle in her to draw a huge vile of blood.

There was this amazing old man who was a volunteer in the E.R. that gave her a stuffed animal that is now her new best friend. They went through a lot together.

It turned out the levels were low enough that she was okay.

She liked her new bracelet (name tag) they gave her.


Jennifer Mendoza said...

Oh my gosh - how SCARY!! I'm so glad she is okay. She is soooooo precious!!!

Chillygator said...

She is SO cute! Even if she is a punk (o:

Tiffany Reed Photography said...

OH SCARY! I'm so glad she is okay. I'm not sure how you ever have strength enough to be upset with this little face though! She is angelic!

Keri said...

Wow! Aysha has done that before too! Not fun. I am glad she didn't drink very much. I knew how much Aysha drank and called poison control. She was under the "limit" too! They must be cousins. :)