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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Temple Square Photowalk

I did this 3 Christmases ago when I first got into photography. It was a great experience and I learned a ton. For one reason or another I wasn't able to go again until last night. It was great to see so many friends there and say hello (Ann, Scott, Jeremy, Tara). I really miss getting together with all my photog friends. Didn't realize how good they are for my soul. They are like family to me now. I even got to meet a fellow photog and 365-er, Angry Gardner, and he was so nice. Hope I get to run into him again.

A new friend and fellow photographer, Jess Bishop, came with me and we had a great time. Anxious to see what she gets since she is one of my all time fav photographers.

As far as what I got, nothing extraordinary, but I at least accomplished my goal of trying to get different shots I've never gotten before. I took the same approach I did at the Louvre in Paris, taking pictures of the little things that make the big picture so amazing.

Here's a few of the typical "Big Picture" shots I got for my mom since they are her favorite.


Jeremy Hall said...

Absolutely beautiful shots of course. WAY better than my paltry collection! I really love the foreground bokeh shots. I need to still process a few of the floating lights, the first shot with the rest reflected lights was one I was trying to get too but don't I nailed it like you did. Always such a fan of your work!

AngryGardner said...

You are too kind. I really was happy to finally meet you. My daughter said as we walked away. "She was so nice. I like her." Couldn't agree more. :)

I also love your "big picture" shots.

Christy said...

Wish I could've gone and met you. too. =) Sounds like you all had fun.

Great pictures, and I LOVE your bokeh!!!!!

Jennifer Mendoza said...

oooooooooooohhhhh my goodness . . . sooooooo beautiful!!!!! I love these. You are the very very BEST!!

Ann said...

Was great to see you too! Happy New Year. Can't wait to see tomorrow's pic.


Tiffany Reed Photography said...

Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe this!!!! i'm AMAZED!